The Terrible Pictures Project is a small collective for photodocumentary work. Terrible Pictures documents crises, conflicts, poverty and humanitarian issues all over the world. We cover both short- as well as long-term consequences. Our main focus is to give a clear, unadulterated view of affected people and their respective situations. Terrible Pictures works as neutral observants and act free of any political, military, racial and religious bias or affiliation. We are not affiliated with any form of government institution, foreign or domestic.

We have taken a hiatus between 2012 and 2013, but are now back up & running and will keep posting new series.


We cover these topics in order to further the public insight and understanding. The secondary goal is to keep affected areas and people in the media, even after the initial crisis has passed or was yet to come. We do this to discover the many untold stories that need to be heard.


Our combined backgrounds are in commercial and documentary photography, and graphic design. Given that Terrible Pictures is a freelance/unsubsidized project that will (hopefully) stretch many decades, it is also a mostly unpaid endeavour. The photographers who work on the Terrible Pictures project are have been working together for over 10 years. We are not accepting new members or candidates at this point.

Area of Operations (AO)

Worldwide. Thus far, the Terrible Pictures Project has been in Europe, the US, East- and Central Asia.