Pakistan: Northern Areas


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Young man in a food stall in Lahore. Lahore is famous throughout Pakistan for its cuisine.


The Lohari gate, one of the thirteen gates to the old city. Inside lies a maze of small streets and shops.



A busy shopping street in Lahore's old town.


Family businesses are also meeting places for friends to stop by and chat.


The old centre is a maze of narrow alleys and old buildings.


An old Lahorite in the middle of old town.



Bazaar near Wazir Khan Mosque.


Many men sit outside all day, waiting for a customer to ride their autorickshaws or to buy something from their stalls.


A typical naan shop. Everywhere you go you are offered to sample their goods, or come in for a cup of chai.


A shopkeeper haggling with a customer. This shop is located in a street with many toy and fireworks shops.


An MP-checkpoint in Baltistan. To deter kidnappings and bombings, many of these have been erected in the Northern Areas.


A Pakistani airforce helicopter patrolling the valleys around the Karakoram Highway.


Herders navigating the rough terrain adjacent to the Kashmiri border. Infiltration by extremist groups often follows similiar routes.


A goatherder near Skardu, Baltistan.