Thailand: Bangkok Redshirts


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A Redshirt standing guard outside the Siam Square encampment.


A protestor napping in the Siam encampment.


Bamboo barricades denoting Redshirt-territory. Public transport was shut down and traffic had to rerouted.


Thai army soldiers guarding a metro station.


Police equipment lying idle.


Thai army soldier on guard at a metro station.


Thai army soldier on guard at Sala Daeng metro station against "hostile takeover" by Redshirts.


Thai police guarding a bank, passing the time by playing cards and reading. Media outlets and government buildings also were popular targets for Redshirt vandalism.


Megaphones blare protest songs and the occasional cover song in an encampment in Silom District.


Concertina-wire laid down to create impromptu barricades as a precaution against rioters.